You. You were everything to me. When we met, I was nothing but a low life bottom feeder. A no body, just another person in this crazy accident called life. It was because of you why I wanted to be a better person and it was because of you why I became that better person.

You never really understood how much I truly loved you, not just from a physical stand point but from a psychological stand point. We were meant to be, you were my soul mate. That first moment we kissed; for that one moment, everything was right in the world.

They say time stands still when you love someone, if that’s the case then eternity could never be long enough. I remember when I used to look at you from a far just wishing I could be apart of your life. For some reason the Gods smiled down upon me and made that happen.

You say you never told me how you truly felt about me, what I meant to you. But I don’t want you to worry because I know. I’m just sorry I failed you, I should be there for you now; but I can’t. I see someone now who has lost hope, but you will see me again. Just as I see you.

His hand grazes her lifeless body. Caressing her cheek, savouring the touch against his skin. So beautiful, almost angelic in nature.

Saying goodbye to the person you love is never an easy thing to do. Knowing that you would never see that person again… It’s beyond comprehension. Someone you woke up next to each day, someone who you cared for, who you dedicated your life for. All for heartbreak and disappointment.

The moment we were separated, the Universe thundered with the sound of two soul mates being torn apart. If only we could have foreseen this. I am asked if I knew we were to end like this, would I do it all over again.

And I would. I wouldn’t change a thing. Loving you; if only for a moment, is better than the notion of never knowing you at all. I would take the heartbreak and the suffering over the void my heart had once experienced.

I know I will see you again, I am certain of it. The next time we meet, everything will be right in the world once more. We will live in eternity; in infinite love.

Think of me when the sun bathes you in light, because I will be looking down on you. I will protect you from this moment until the day you are back in my arms.

I love you. For now and always.

He bends down and kisses her soft lips as the beeping of the heart monitor continues in the background.

Standing back up straight he can’t help but look at her. Knowing how peaceful she was at this moment, her near future only to be filled with anger and sadness the moment she wakes. This was the hardest part. Not being able to stop the one you love from suffering this pain.

There was no greater agony than a broken heart.

The sound of the rain and thunder outside of the hospital drowned out the noise of the heart monitor. He nods head and shuts his eyes as he dissipates into nothingness.

The thunder then dies down and the heart monitor takes over. And she lays there alone with only the faint sounds of I love you lingering in the air to keep her company.


14 thoughts on “Eternity

  1. Oooh, this is nicely done, ‘ard. I can relate to having to listen to mood music. I do it all the time. Sometimes the same piece over and over again until I get the scene jus right. *thumbs up* :-)

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