Necessary Evil – Listening To The Voices

How I long to feel the warm breeze touch my skin, however that’s not going to happen anytime soon. “Why?” you may ask yourself, and you’d be a fool not to. Am I some sort of prisoner? No, I’m just a resident of England.

Some would say that’s the same damn thing. I’ll admit, at times I agree. I am a prisoner of my own solitude that’s for sure; another week at work which I consider to be an absolute joke goes by. It does pass quickly but the weekend passes even quicker.

For some reason I wish the time away but then I think, what is it I’m wishing time away for in the first place? There’s nothing to look forward to, only the same mundane routine. My so called friends must have kept themselves out of trouble this week as I have heard nothing from them. Typical.

It’s days like this when the only thing I do is lounge around the house and wait to go back to work on Monday. That’s why I have decided to catch some fresh air.

The bitter cold scraping across my flesh as the night sets in, walking across the roof tops watching the people below enjoying themselves. It’s Saturday night, of course they’re out enjoying themselves. However filling my body with alcohol and illegal drugs isn’t what I’d consider fun. What I am doing now is fun, almost like television is real life.

Watching as steroid filled idiots try to chat up women only for them to get shot down. Alcohol fuelled anger quickly doused by the swift justice of the doormen. Women dressed as cheap whores trying to avoid getting molested by horny men, they bring it on themselves; they dress to appeal to the males most animalistic nature then insult them when they accomplish their goal. Evil little creatures.

But for what they make up in mind control they lack in physical dominance. Not all males can keep their mind intact, they’ll lose it and do something they regret.. or maybe something they won’t. Just like the girl down this alley trying to push away one of the ‘roided freaks she’s been flaunting herself in front of.

“I’m off home.” She’s said to her friends and walking out of the club alone. He’s already seen his chance, walking after her in a hypnotized fashion. Waiting until the right moment to pin her up against the wall, knocking her poorly cooked kebab out of her hands. Trying to fight; she fails. Such fragile evil little creatures.

Trying to scream out only gets her a back hand to the face knocking her down. This looks like a classic case of a pre-rape scenario.

She’s decided to save a few quid and avoid getting a taxi home, which ultimately will cost her dearly. Too far out, she knows that no one can hear her scream, except for me that is.

The only problem is, what if I stop this little altercation? Will she continue being an evil cock-teasing bitch the next week and getting herself in trouble again? Or will she be mentally scarred for the rest of her life?

I suppose if I do let it happen she will almost certainly be mentally scarred. Descend into drugs to try to get rid of the memory, see his face every time she closes her eyes… Maybe even kill herself which in turn will cause pain to the rest of her family and friends that are undeserving of such agony.

He rips her shirt with such force I’m surprised her body is still attached to her… body.


I leap down from the roof of the shop behind the two of them, do not worry yourselves, it’s not a long drop; after all I’m no Spiderman.

I land in-between the girl and guy as I feel the rage flowing through my veins, preparing myself for what is to come. My legs are shaking as the adrenaline courses through them, I love this feeling. It makes me smile, the guy is obviously too intoxicated to match my hand-eye coordination as I easy dodge a punch and slam my foot into the side of his leg instantly taking him down to his knees. A swift kick to his face and he’s on the pavement.

Repeatedly kicking him in the face and he’s been totally incapacitated. The day has been saved once more. Looking at him struggle to stay conscious is almost too pathetic to watch, as I circle him I can only wonder why this man was put on this planet.

I could leave it and let her go, let him go and everything will be forgotten, but what about the next time when he decides he fancies getting a bit rapey with someone else who is completely innocent? He’s nothing but a bully who thinks he can get his own way because of his size. The type of person that used to pin me up against the wall to show off to his friends how tough he was at school and make me run home crying to my mother.

You know the person I mean, you’ve all had one at some point in your lives.

I can’t let this happen again.

As he gets back up to his knees I quickly wrap my arms around his head and with one swift motion, snap his neck; killing him.


That felt good.

I sense the girl behind me trembling with fear, I can’t even bear to look at her. She disgusts me, but maybe this moment will change her outlook on life. For her indiscretions this has been punishment enough.

With my back still turned I motion her to leave by pointing in the direction she was going. Instantly I hear footsteps and cries dissipating into the distance.

You’ll be asking yourself, “Why did you have to kill him?” That’s certainly what my friends would ask.

I only have one answer;

It was necessary.


6 thoughts on “Necessary Evil – Listening To The Voices

  1. Intense!!! Loved it!!! My heart felt like something was about to happen and then… wow! Clean, short, precise. I liked it so much! I can wait for more… Regards

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