The Day I Won

In an entire week, I’d lost everything. I lost my fiance, my job, my house, my friends. No fault of my own you understand; it’s just some people are destined for greatness while others are destined to just exist and die unnoticed.

I looked back at my family history and all I feel is disappointment. Not at them but at myself, some people in my family were bonafied heroes. They’d saved lives, the best thing I had ever done was not beat some drunk so badly that he’d spend a month in hospital. I showed mercy.

But in the end where did it get me? Did it divert my path of failure? No, it didn’t. I’m just the guy that can’t hold down a job, can’t hold down a relationship. Then to really rub it in I have to hear about how great my friends’ lives are, how great their job is, how hot their woman is, sick of it.

Broken and defeated I took whatever pills I could find, at the start it was strong painkillers, they did the trick of putting me to sleep quickly. Then when they’d ran out I used up the mild painkillers, then the headache tablets.
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