Insanity’s Ascension – Audi, Vide, Tace

I don’t even know how long it was until I awoke, still laying in here staring up at the blinding light. Surely it had been days by now? The silence was deafening. No matter how much I yell no one comes, I yelled until my voice was no more and still, no one came.

I spent so long trying to remember at least something, where I lived, what I did or hell, even my name. I remember waking up and my eyes feel like they were burning from this light but beyond that, nothing. Had I hit my head? Was I in an accident? If I was, why would I be in an insane asylum? I don’t feel insane… Although I’ve lost my memory, for all I know I could be a serial killer.

Laying on this comfortable floor is the only thing I’ve been doing for so long, my arms have gone numb from being strapped to my own body. I did find out that I was indeed a white person, I found that out when I spent an hour pulling off the extremely tight socks they had put on me with my teeth, at least it passed some time.

Yesterday I heard someone else screaming, it took me awhile to figure out that it wasn’t just an echo of my own voice, they too were screaming for help, they too were screaming asking where the hell they were. I tried to communicate with him but it was no good, my voice had already faded away.

I could hear something, keys jangling in the distance, I jumped up to my feet and started kicking the door as hard as I could, trying to shout but my broken vocal chords were having none of it. The jangling stopped just outside my door, the lock turned and the door opened.

“Where am I!?” I managed to squeek, but it was met with an elbow to the side of the head from an extremely large black fellow, I hit the ground, he then followed and pinned me to the floor. He pulled out a needle and stuck it in the side of my neck, the liquid he injected me with was cool yet burning at the same time, I could feel it flowing through my veins.

“Now quiet!” He demanded, he got off me, I tried to follow him but he had already shut the door, the door locked once again and the jangling went off in the distance. Why did he do that, I just wanted answers, the room began to spin as my stomach turned, my eyes got heavy as my head got lighter. I tried to shake it off but it only made it worse. I stumble around the room trying to find something to hold on to but there was nothing but ungrippable padding.

I hit the floor, my head bounced off the side of the wall and I just slumped down, my neck contorted, I couldn’t move, my whole body was numb, the bright light started to disappear and my eyes started to close.

Who was that beast of a man? Why was this happening?


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