Insanity’s Ascension – De Fumo In Flammam

The reds lights were still flashing, the deafening alarm still battering my ear drums, the hall way was paved with bodies. Unconscious, beaten, bloodied, all caused by me. There was no where to run, no where to hide, go back in that cell was my option and I definitely was not doing that, I can’t even remember how I knew all of the stuff I did. Karate? Kung Fu? What the hell was I?

I was almost certain I was some sort of Jet Li, Jackie Chan sort of character. I walked past all the unconscious bodies, stepping over their broken bones, how had I done this with just my legs, I need to get my arms free! I wish they would turn that alarm off, it’s beginning to give me head ache, we know I’ve escaped but they have no more men to send after me. A noise almost as deafening as the alarm were the screams and yelling coming from the other cells, the corridor what seemed like a corridor, filled on both sides with cells.

I walked up to the cell that was set to mine, the person struggled to get free, letting out loud groans from behind the mask that covered his face, his attempts were to no avail as he wasn’t strong enough to break free. I left him there and carried on walking down the corridor, towards the open door from where the guards came from.

Suddenly a lone guard came charging past the door, was this all they had left? It must have been, they should have known better especially considering after what I had done to the rest of them. The guard pulled out a large knife, he swiped it at me as he got closer, I dodged the attack but the blade caught one of the straps, no enough that I could get free however. I dodged another knife attack, got behind him then kicked him in the back of the head, I took his feet out from under him then I dropped to the floor with my legs wrapped around his head and proceeded to snap his neck.

Wow. I jumped back to my feet and carried on my way, the door was wide open, darkness only laid beyond.

I walked through the door without a second thought, there was no way to go but forward, it was time for answers. For so long I’ve been stuck in that cell, wondering who I am, where I was, what was happening. Maybe there was a good reason I was locked in that cell, afterall I have just killed people, but I didn’t feel crazy when I woke up, them keeping me locked away made me crazy, if I deserved to be in there, I should have been told why!

I was determined to get answers, as I walked through my eyes adjusted to the darkness, for so long I’ve been getting bombarded by rays of bright light, this was a relief, this was nice. The red lights still flashed, this is what guided me forward, there was nothing in this corridor except a single door, I kicked it as hard as I could, it flew open, almost off of its hinges. Inside the room were monitors, a lot of monitors, showing the inmates of the other cells. I looked at the empty cell that used to belong to me, I hadn’t known that the entire time I’ve been here I was being watched.

Like it’s a massive game of Big Brother, but that’s not all the monitors showed, they showed other areas of the facility, the corridor with the downed guards, then there was another room, filled with people scrambling for weapons.

One of the monitors showed what look like doctors? They had white coats on, leaving the building, the door they were walking through let to a stair case. The next monitor showed that stair case leading to an elavator, then another monitor showing the inside of the elavator, as the elavator door opened to darkness, nothing could be seen into the beyond.

This is the way I must go if I want to escape, but it seemed the fighting wasn’t over yet.


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