Insanity’s Ascension – Domus Dulcis Domus

I charged at three of them but I couldn’t manage to knock them all down. One of them restrained me with his arms while another repeatedly hit me in the face with the butt end of his rifle. I snarled at him but that only increased the punishment.

I struggled to break free, flailing my legs all over the place, suddenly someone drops to their knees and restrains my legs. The beating continued, probably angry about how I had killed their comrades, but this was their fault. They kept me here locked in a damn room with no windows. I begged for answers and they gave me none, this was their own doing.

I am not some mistake that will go quietly, the beating on the face continued for a while longer then they pinned me down. They bring something that resembles a cattle prod out from one of the lockers, activating it a few times just to taunt me.

“Take this you psychopath.” One of the guards yelled right before he slams it into my stomach, I had never felt such pain like this before, it was excruciating, my whole body seized up, I convulsed, they held me down tight as he stuck me with it again… and again. The screams of pain I let out only seemed to fuel their attack, with all my might I struggle to break free, I could feel the leather on the belt weakening with every attempt.

Another shock with the cattle prod was enough to finally snap the strap, one of my arms was free, this gave me the will to do everything I can to escape, I get a foot free from the person holding it and kick him in the face, I then get the guard holding the cattle prod in the crotch, I roll over escaping the clutches of the guard pinning my shoulders. Finally back on my feet I hit a kick to the standing guards face. With my free arm I am able to get out of the straight jacket completely, tearing it off of my body.

This was the first time since awakening that I saw my own body, I was ripped, obviously kept in shape. The guards scrambled back to their feet, one of them came at me but instantly without though my hands grabbed his head and spun it as if he was an owl, his neck snapped so easily.

I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my body as I breathed harder, the guard holding the cattle prod then came at me, I disarmed him with ease, took the prod and slammed him in the face with it, he let out a cry but that didn’t stop me. The third guard tries to shank me with a knife, I somehow sensed it coming, dodged the attack, took the knife off of him and slit his throat, I then slam it into the heart of the guard I was just electrocuting.

Finally things were calm once again, an eerie quietness overcame the room, the only thing being heard was the buzzing from the cattle prod, I didn’t need this anymore, I dropped it. I pick up the fallen rifle and walk out of the room into the next section of the building.

Into the next area, I was so close, I could taste the freedom, a bullet flew past my head, four guards stood there shooting at me, I fired my rifle at them, hitting all four of them with headshots. Who the hell was I!? How does someone learn this many skills.

I pick up one of the hand guns attached to the guards hip and shove it into my pants, I push forward, I finally reach the stair case, I wasn’t far away from the elevator, I could even see the metal doors shining from the red flashing lights. There was no one left, as I reached the top of the stair case I came face to face with the elevator door. I push a button and hear the elevator activate.

“Wait!” Someone yelled behind me, I turn and look down the stairs, a middle-aged man, he looked… strangely familiar, he was covered in grey hair and came scrambling towards me, there was a strange-looking key hanging around his neck. “Don’t go in that elevator!”

“Who are you?!” I yell, “Who am I, what am I doing here!”

He looked almost tired, like he was defeated. “I can tell you who you are so long as you don’t go into that elevator. It would mean the end of the world.”

“That’s a bit over dramatic don’t you think? What is this place? Why am I in a fucking nut house!” I yell at him.

“This isn’t a nut house, this is a laboratory. A testing facility.”

“Why can’t I remember anything?” I ask.

He stared at me with a blank expression on his face, “It must be a side effect.”

“A side effect of what?” I ask.

He says nothing for a long time, then fearfully says “I can’t tell you that, not yet.” The elevator door then opens behind me.

“Then I guess I’ll see you around.” I say as I step into the elevator, he rushes forward and grabs me.

“You can’t go Gabriel! You just need to trust me!” He yells.

Gabriel? Was that really my name?!

“Trust you? I’ve been locked away for God knows how long, not told a thing, NOT A DAMN THING! And you want me to trust you? No, NO. Fuck you.” I yell at him, I push him off of me, grab the key that was connected to his neck and boot him in the chest, he goes flying backwards down the stairs, a few bumps are heard and then silence again. He was nothing but an after thought, I would figure out on my own what was going on once I leave this damn place and see what’s on the other side. In the elevator there are a number of buttons, 1 to 36 and then a single button that is pictured by an “X”. I pressed the X button and the doors closed.

It seemed like forever to reach what ever direction I was going, I think it was up, it must have been, there weren’t any windows where I was. After a few minutes the elevator came to a halt, the doors opened, opened into darkness like the video showed. I stepped into the darkness, on the other side of the dark room was another door, the door looked very old.

I walk across the room and try to open the door, it was locked, I looked at the key… it unlocked the door with ease, I swung the door open and suddenly a bright light hit my eyes once again!

This was different though, I squinted, it was the sun, I could feel the warm breeze touch my skin, I took a deep breath as my eyes adjusted, I heard noises, people laughing, random chatter, horses walking by…

I turned and bumped into someone wearing a… tunic? “You! Help me, where am I?” I yelled.

He looked at me strangely, looked at me up and down and said, “Non intellego.” and walked off. Some how I knew that was Latin for ‘I don’t understand’ but why was he speaking to me in Latin? A dead language…

I shook it out of my mind, he must have been some weirdo, I carried on walking through the dusty streets, avoiding horses and carriages, as I get to the end of the road I realised where I was. I looked up and I saw… The Vatican.

I knew where I was, I was in Rome… but when was I?


2 thoughts on “Insanity’s Ascension – Domus Dulcis Domus

  1. I love this and I am also loving the new look of your blog! From the first sentence I was hookled, this piece is so aggressive and powerful and I’m also a total sucker for a cliffhanger, really can’t wait to read more :)

    • I’m going to rewrite the whole thing, I really could have done with some planning of this beforehand, argh! I think NaNoWriMo may have been a mistake but hey ho, I’ll give it a go!

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