Insanity’s Ascension – Tabula Rasa

I opened my eyes and all I could see was a blinding white light, it had been so long since I had seen a light so strong, my eyes were having a hard time adjusting. Where had I been? Where was I now? I was so tired I fought to keep my eyes open, but I had to, they had to adjust to this blinding light. Almost burning my retina’s.

I tried to stand up but I couldn’t move my arms, it was as if they were amputated, had my arms been amputated? What the hell was going on? I didn’t have stumps so they couldn’t have been amputated but then why couldn’t I move them? I can’t even move my fingers… WHATS GOING ON?!

I get to my feet, but I can’t see where I’m going, the light is still too bright to see anything. Wherever I am it’s not a very big room, I yell out, I yell “hello” but I get no response, who was keeping me here, why were they keeping me here? Have I died? As I get more worried, more claustrophobic I begin to breath heavily, I try to walk forward but I bump my head on the wall. It didn’t hurt though? What was that? It was cushioned? Why was it cushioned? I rest my head on the wall then walk sideways, using my head as a guide. It wasn’t long until I reached another corner, that too had a cushioned wall.

The fear was starting to get replaced with anger, I started booting the wall as hard as I could, hoping to break through whatever was in front of me. The final kick makes me lose my balance and I fall backwards, my head hits hard against the floor, but again, the floor was cushioned! The only thing I could see again now was the bright light shining down on me.

I sit up, my eyes had started to adjust to the light, I look down and I realise that my arms hadn’t been amputated, I was overcome with relief but at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder why my arms were strapped to my body. What was this? Oh… It’s a straight jacket.

Who had put me in a straight jacket? What had I done to deserve to be put in one of these? Had I been kidnapped? Was this a kinky sex game that got out of hand? I don’t know, I can’t remember anything. Shit… I can’t remember ANYTHING!

What was my name? This is the sort of thing people should know! How old am I? Am I a child? Am I an adult? What colour am I? What race am I? I can’t tell, I can’t see my hands. How did I get here?!

My eyes adjust more to the light now, my pupils are more or less non existent. I can see the walls, a bright white colour, fully padded except for the padded door that has a small window on it, not much smaller than a letter box, and now I realise… I’m in a padded room… I’m in an insane asylum.



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