Yet another NaNoWriMo completed.

Evolution Of Insanity

As you can see by the above I’ve written over 8,000 words today. I hit 40,000 words three days ago, took Friday off and only managed to write 1,600 words yesterday due to laziness and whatnot. So I decided I’d make up for it today. I’ve spent a good six hours writing up to the point of what I consider to be the penultimate chapter of this book I’m writing.

The more I wrote today the closer I got to the 50,000 words target and the more drive I had to get closer to the mark. With every word I wrote I could sense victory and it got to the point where I was that much in the zone, I was so involved with the story I was writing that I’d carry on until I at least hit the big 50. That one last push if you will. The books…

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  1. Fuck yeah! In my zombified form I seem to have missed weeks and weeks of epicness. Did you post the final version anywhere? I’d love to read it!

    Just wanted to let you know aswell that I’m sorry I buggered off for weeks- I have missed you and your witterings of madness :)

    • You’re back now so that’s all that matters :D I didn’t post the final version anywhere, want to continue work on it and hopefully get it (self) published. I can e-mail it you though if you want! Drop me a line @ p.k.howorth[at] and I’ll send it over! I shall call it a rough first draft that way that’ll excuse any shit parts of the story (though they’re bound to be few and far between!)

      • Oooh! If it’s not finished then I won’t pry, but let me know when it’s in it’s final form and ready for some mothafuckin’ readin’!

      • Erh mah gerd! Yes! Although when you die in a thousand years time (your awesomeness shall sustain you), £3.99 will only buy me half a Freddo. If you could die relatively soon, it would benefit me slightly more.

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