The Writer

I’m an aspiring writer, from somewhere in the middle of England, I’m not really into sports or anything such as that so don’t expect me to talk about Football and what Liverpool did to Man U at whatever time of the year they play, I’d prefer to stay inside and write, getting lost in a world that is better than my own, this is my third blog, and my second creative writing blog.

I started Evolution of Insanity back in July 2011, it’s basically about my life as it is at the moment, the happenings, the things that make me bitter and how for some reason I keep getting unlucky in “real” jobs.

I then started Twist of Hate in October, which ended up becoming the basis for my first novel which I wrote for Camp NaNoWriMo in June 2012 which I actually managed to accomplish.

Finishing that challenge was a huge accomplishment for me as I always wanted to write a full novel and NaNoWriMo has given me the drive to do such; I’m now hoping to write something better and bigger for this years main NaNoWriMo competition and hopefully manage to get myself published.


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