Other Works

Here I will post a list of other work I have written, either on my blogs or to any of the other blogs I have guest posted on.

Insanity’s Ascension – This story which I have guest written for DarkJade’s One Knight blog is about a guy who wakes up with no memories of his past inside a padded cell, trying to find out answers he eventually manages to escape but the escape only leads to a lot more questions.

The Dark Globe Contributions – The Dark Globe which is also ran by DarkJade is about various topics by various writers, I had started writing movie reviews then went on to music, game and television reviews along with many other random posts, definitely take a look!

The Excellence Asylum – When DarkJade decided to shut the doors of the Dark Globe and change the direction, I decided that I wanted to continue what I was doing with Dark Globe and decided to open up my own site; give it a catchy title with the hopes to lure people in and entertain them like they had never been entertained before.


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