Insanity’s Ascension – Domus Dulcis Domus

I charged at three of them but I couldn’t manage to knock them all down. One of them restrained me with his arms while another repeatedly hit me in the face with the butt end of his rifle. I snarled at him but that only increased the punishment.

I struggled to break free, flailing my legs all over the place, suddenly someone drops to their knees and restrains my legs. The beating continued, probably angry about how I had killed their comrades, but this was their fault. They kept me here locked in a damn room with no windows. I begged for answers and they gave me none, this was their own doing.

I am not some mistake that will go quietly, the beating on the face continued for a while longer then they pinned me down. They bring something that resembles a cattle prod out from one of the lockers, activating it a few times just to taunt me.

“Take this you psychopath.” One of the guards yelled right before he slams it into my stomach, I had never felt such pain like this before, it was excruciating, my whole body seized up, I convulsed, they held me down tight as he stuck me with it again… and again. The screams of pain I let out only seemed to fuel their attack, with all my might I struggle to break free, I could feel the leather on the belt weakening with every attempt.

Another shock with the cattle prod was enough to finally snap the strap, one of my arms was free, this gave me the will to do everything I can to escape, I get a foot free from the person holding it and kick him in the face, I then get the guard holding the cattle prod in the crotch, I roll over escaping the clutches of the guard pinning my shoulders. Finally back on my feet I hit a kick to the standing guards face. With my free arm I am able to get out of the straight jacket completely, tearing it off of my body.
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