There we sat in a cold, dark room that had obviously seen better days. The stale air offending our senses as we paced. My head was heavy with pain; like a spike had been driven through my eye sockets. The reflection from the moon certainly was not helping.

He always knew how to push my buttons at the wrong time too, following me around while spouting off his sickening remarks. I had had enough of them but what can I do about it? Kill him? If only it was that easy. If only I was that kind of man to begin with.

I sat down on the old wooden chair; it creaked under my weight but held. I put my head in my hands and breathed heavily. The headache was coming on stronger now.

“Look at you. You’re pathetic.” He exclaimed. He was always such a charmer.

“Just go away.” I pleaded.

“Go away; if only I could just go away. If only you just accepted being the man you were meant to be then I could just go away. But you’re not and here I am. You think it’s always so easy being around you too? The overly polite and joyful human being they all know and love? If only they knew the real you eh? I don’t mean this pathetic excuse in front of me but the real you. I know the real you.” He said, making a point to raise his voice, causing the throbbing in my head to intensify.
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